WP5 - Reference
WP5 - PL2: Change all public lighting to LEDs by 2030
WP5 - R1: Increase by 35% the share of recycled MSW after 2020
WP5 - R2: Decrease MSW production per capita in 20% from 2013 values
WP5 - R3: Improve energy efficiency in water treatment plants in 50% by 2030 compared to 2009
WP5 - R4: Improve energy efficiency in waste water treatment plant in 30% compared to 2009 by 2030
WP5 - RSD2: Install solar thermal hot water panels in 40% of dwellings in 2030
WP5 - RSD4: Solar PV installed corresponding to 30% of maximum feasible by 2030
WP5 - RSD6: Double glazing in 80% of dwellings by 2030
WP5 - RSD8: Wall & Roof insulation combined in 60% of dwellings by 2030
WP5 - TRA1: Extension of the existent 7 km cycling lanes combined with making city bikes available from 2020 onwards
WP5 - TRA2: Duplicate parking fees in historic center from 2020 onwards
WP5 - TRA3: Interdiction for all type of vehicles and concerning all purposes to the Evora Acropolis from 2020 onwards
WP5 - TRA4: Speed limitation to 30km/h, for all vehicles in diverse zones from 2020 onwards
WP5 - TRA7: Construction of 3 parking lots with a total of 500 parking spaces for non-residents in the historic center from 2020 onwards
WP5 - TRA8: 300 new disperse parking spaces for residents in the historic center from 2020 onwards
WP5 - TRA9: Shift of 15% from private cars mobility to public transportation from 2020 onwards
WP5 - TRAbus: All busses use biofuels by 2030
WP5 - TRAelc: 5% of passenger cars are electric by 2030
WP5 - CAP: Reduction of total CO2 emissions in 2030 of 30% from 2030 Baseline emission values, respectively for REF and Smart visions

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Overall Base Year Map
(WP1 - Overall Base Year Map)

Energy Maps for the Alternative Scenarios analysed in WP5
(WP5 - Followed by the scenario name as defined in the Optimum
Sustainable Pathways reports)